Columbus Zoo & Aquarium grant brings electricity to the bush

Thanks to our recent grant from the CCMC of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium we now have solar power in camp making our lives so much easier and more productive. There were a few delays getting all the equipment together due to logistics and suppliers but I can happily report that all parts are now in camp and we are fitting the final two panels as I type.

Our current camp is in the Khumaga campsite of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks and they are kindly loaning us a room in one of their buildings for our office.  Whilst the tin roof makes it very hot in the current temperatures (102oF) it is nice to know that as long as we keep the windows shut when we are not there we can protect our valuables from the monkeys.


Elephants for Africa office

The office is also convenient as it means we can secure the solar panels to the top of the building opposite in full sunlight and away from the elephants and other wildlife, but not from the monkeys alas but they have not done anything to them and they appear to be of little interest to them.

SolarPanelsWe now have enough power for our car fridge to keep solutions and elephant dung cool, when it is not in the vehicle, charging of computers as well as other equipment (including endless mobile phones from our camp companions, which keeps relationships good) and lights which is fantastic and a vast improvement from head torches and paraffin lanterns.

All of the Elephants for Africa team would like to express immense gratitude for the continued support of our research and educational efforts from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.


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