Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Uncollaring of Mafunyane

After the successful release and uncollaring of our last two elephants Nandipa and Thando, we have just uncollared Mafunyane, who we have been following through his radio collar for 8 years!  When we release elephants from the Captive herd , we fit them with this collar, so that we can keep a close eye on their daily movements. This […]

The B Herd

Yesterday evening around 5:30, Mphoeng and I had a beautiful sighting of one of our well known female breeding herds named the B herd. All of the females within this group have a name that starts with a B. At first the herd was far away and we werent sure if we were going to get […]

An afternoon with the Abu herd

      I got to spend a whole afternoon following the Abu captive herd in the wild! We collected a lot of valuable dung samples from them to help us in our studies of understanding how hormones influence behavior.           It seems that the elephants are more interested in studying […]

Happy Independence Day!

Yesterday we celebrated Botswanas Independence Day in camp.  Each year the country celebrates its independence from Britian and this year marked the 45th anniversary of peace and independence. The mood here was electric, with lots of activities going on! By Danielle Spitzer