Monthly Archives: May 2011

One Good Spot

On Friday Kate, Mphoeng, George the new volunteer and I left early for the monthly road survey. Basically you drive around a number of routes recording any and all wildlife you can spot. The point of this exercise is to get a good count over the months and years of the population of wildlife here in […]

The Den

This morning, as we were headed out on our game drive to find some elephants, we screeched to a stop when a hyena carrying a huge piece of meat ran right in front of us and across the road. We decided to follow him and were not alone as other hyenas showed up and were also […]

Little Voice and Nandipa

This morning as we drove out of camp we saw an elephant named little voice who had not been seen in around 3 months. He was named by Dr.Kate Evans who regularly heard him make a lot of noise as a youngster. The only thing that was different about this visit was how nervous he […]

Elephants for Africa Research Pictures

Hello I just wanted to share some highlight pictures with you from these past couple of weeks! by:Danielle Spitzer

Boys will be Boys

On a beautiful afternoon, we pulled up to a large breeding herd of elephants that we have known for many years as they regularly visit Seba Camp. This herd is referred to as Seba herd and we enjoy watching them because they are very calm and trust us. It was good to see some familiar […]


 I am pleased to announce that for the past 4 days the elephants here in the delta have decided to spend all of their time with us at camp. As shocked as I was at first, I find myself walking by and waving casually at the big females and occasional male elephants breaking down the […]

A New Arrival

Hello everyone or should I now say dumela. My name is Danielle and I have come all the way from America to the Okavango Delta to research elephants at Elephants for Africa. I will be here for 1 year and cannot believe everything I have already seen and done in the past 2 days. When […]

Floodwater bring life in the Okavango and other regions

The floodwater is everywhere in the study area, it has reached some floodplains that it did not reach last year. Water is a source of life mostly scarce resource in Botswana, by having the high floods the water will reach the dry areas in Boteti Region. Water will be absorbed by the dry sands of […]


This morning I woke to the sounds of snoring.  My husband is in town at the moment, so I knew it wasn’t him, so who was it? As I slowly gained consciousness I realised that it was an elephant asleep on the termite mound outside. It was too dark to see who it was, but […]