Monthly Archives: February 2011

Rain and flood, tortoises and snakes

We had the mother of all rainstorms in camp the night before last- I think I now know the true meaning of the phrase ‘the heavens opened’. It was an utter downpour and has quenched the dry bush once more. We haven’t had serious rain now for some weeks, but the talk these days regarding […]


Naturally, there are a few things that one misses after living in the bush for some time. These vary between each of us, and my general themes are the ocean, evenings spent in country pubs with close friends and second hand bookshops. But there is one universal longing, one thing that the bush can never […]

The Big Fight

Tuesday morning saw quite a showdown, bush-style. I lay in bed in the early hours of the morning, and through my groggy sleep-ness recognised an amalgamation of lion and hyena calls. It was EARLY, and they were quite far off, and so I continued to sleep. Coming up to for some breakfast, it wasn’t long […]


As we have all been blogging about, last weekend saw EFA’s first Elefun weekend here at Seba camp. It was deemed by all as a raging success, and a lot of fun too!! The children arrived on the Friday afternoon, to be greeted by some very excited elephant researchers, Children in the Wilderness staff, and […]

Elefun begins …

Our 1st Elefun weekend is about to begin

It is all excitement in the camp today as we welcome Geoffrey, Leso and Bonnie from Children In the Wilderness and prepare for the arrival of 12 children tomorrow afternoon for our 1st Elefun weekend.  The children are all from the rural area of Habu, where their parents work hard to survive off the land […]