Monthly Archives: November 2010

Glorious rains

The time has come for the bush to get the soaking that we have all been talking about for, literally, months. In the last few days we’ve had a total of 50ml of rain here at Seba Camp- and it has been wonderful!! Sitting here a couple of days ago the storm clouds began to […]

Go West …

Two days ago Kate and I headed west for our first time this year, and my first time ever, as the flood has now receded enough for us to cross the large floodplains between us and the islands that side. A few months ago now Posta and I sat on top of the vehicle looking […]

Children gave me a scare of my life in Bristol by Mphoeng Ofithile

On Sunday evening 31-Oct-2010, the time was around 07:30, I was in the sitting room watching the news on television and waiting for Ruth and Ben as we were going to Bath that evening. I was also expecting the family that I am staying with to arrive on the day, as they had been away […]