Monthly Archives: September 2010

Steve and Alex Harris Visit Seba

Professor Harris is a commonly spoken about name amongst the research community of Maun, as it does seem that he is personally supervising most students studying mammals in northern Botswana?! So it was fantastic to finally be able to put a face, and indeed a personality, to that name. Steve, and his wife Alex, have […]

Uncollaring Nandipa – Monday 20th September 2010

Photos to come, I cannot upload them at the moment. Today has been incredibly emotional; today we un-collared the released female elephant, Nandipa, who I have been following since her release in September 2003. She is the first and only female to be released from the Abu camp herd and has shown great resilience and […]

Lions, lions, lions

We have all been racking up the sightings this week- and normally it’s pretty much just elephants! Poster got to see a leopard the other day when he was out for the afternoon, and the morning before last I saw my first Delta honey badgers. For anyone who hasn’t been lucky enough to see a […]

Kate and Sim get married … again!

This last week there’s been quite the party atmosphere in camp. Kate and Sim got married officially in the UK back in July, but it wouldn’t have been a complete union for them if they hadn’t marked it here also. So last Monday Kate and Sim’s family and friends, many travelling from the UK and […]

Mthondo is back in town

Mthondo, the last elephant to be released into the wild here in NG26, has been back around the area for the first time since his release last year- and what a pleasure it has been to finally seen him. He appeared right by Seba Camp last Friday, around midday, literally only a few hours after […]