Monthly Archives: August 2010

Final post about the workshop

The next three days was packed full of presentations discussions and feedback sessions for the Enhancing Conservation Capacity in Botswana workshop. The delegates ranged from field researchers, through to government officials in the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, NGO representatives such as Conservation International and Kalahari Conservation Society as well as teach at the […]

White Baboons

Where I use to work in Botswana, down south in the Tuli Block, we did some work monitoring the baboons troops that roosted in the area. One baboon was bright white, with a dark face, hands, feet and tail. We appropriately named him Snowball! We figured that he was leucistic, as opposed to be true […]

A Single Wild Dog Makes His Kill!!

My month here at EFA has absolutely flown by, it only feels as though I’ve been here a week! For me, the climax had been witnessing the musth behaviour of William Wallace around a herd of females – all this excitement and what seemed to me like total chaos! Up there in the top moments […]

Gaborone continued

A fellow guest at the backpackers was kind enough to drop me off at the shopping Mall Game City before he headed to work. My first stop was the Department of Wildlife and National Parks to give them the details of Elephants For Africa’s brand-new Botswana bank account details so that we can receive the […]

Enhancing Conservation Capacity in Botswana

Last week I was in Gaborone for the ‘Enhancing Conservation Capacity in Botswana’ workshop hosted by the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) and Cheetah Conservation Botswana (CCB). I flew down on the early air Botswana flight on Sunday, 8 August (Simon was a little upset as I would be missing his birthday on the night). […]

Busy Day

It was a particularly busy day today. The alarm went off at 0545 was the rest of the camp  still asleep, even the birds were quiet. I headed up to the kitchen and got the water on before packing up the car with the equipment ready for our monthly road survey. Mphoeng and Ish soon […]

Bridget gets her fruit

On an afternoon research drive we are headed for the airstrip. On the way we came across to young males between the ages of 10 and 15 years who were standing side by side gently rubbing heads together. Unfortunately they were a little skittish, being so young, and soon moved off into the thicker vegetation. […]

Hyena in the kitchen

After a long day out with the elephants, working on a talk I am giving in Gaborone next week and the International Elephant Foundation application we sat down to have our supper and play some anagrams (our favourite game). As we sat digesting our food we caught a glimpse of a spotted hyena walking into […]

A New Volunteer

Hi there. My name is Ish and I’ve been here for about two weeks now and all in all here for a month shadowing Kate in her research. I’m at Newcastle Uni doing biology and I have just finished my 2nd year. I’m here because I want to see what it is to be a […]