Monthly Archives: July 2010

William Wallace Returns

There is a beautiful old bull called William Wallace, who apparently use to be around this area a lot. One of the guides reported to have seen him “in full musth” a few weeks back, but Poster and I haven’t been so lucky yet. He is known around here for his ragged ears and felled […]

How the elephant lost his tusks

B571 has become one of those ‘Bull numbers’ that has become quite an affectionate term, despite it being a non-emotive number. He has always been easily distinguishable as he has the most incredible tusks. He is only in his early twenties, but his tusks are long and slender, curving to almost meet in the middle. […]

Pula has a new collar

The released elephants are fitted with a collar, composing of a radio and a satellite element. The radio element means that we can track the on the ground, or by aeroplane, using a telemetry box and aerial. The GPS element means that we get daily, or sometimes more regular, downloads of the GPS locations of […]

Nandipa has a new adoptee

Nandipa, one of the released elephants, has been around the concession now for a few weeks, with her two awesome calves Ntongeni and Nima always in tow. Poster and I have noticed a new addition to their group recently though, a young male of about six years, easily recognisable with a large V notch in […]