Monthly Archives: June 2010


This morning Poster and I had spent most of the morning with a herd, or more specifically with the bulls that were trailing this herd. There were at least five bulls around and as they weaved between habitats, in and out of thick bush, we managed to get focals on each of them. After several […]

Big Bulls

Yesterday saw the elephants’ return as suddenly there were huge herds all around once again. To quote Thopelo, one of the guides here at Seba, describing his drive back towards camp yesterday afternoon, “it was just grey, you couldn’t see for elephants.” So this morning, of course we expected to find these huge herds and […]

First Delta leopard

Yesterday was a packed day for Mphoeng and me. It started early with the monthly road survey, for which we had resigned ourselves only to be able to drive the dry parts, as the flood is still high and some of the crossings are pretty precarious (see a post from a month ago with a […]

What a day

Pula and Nandipa, two of the released elephants that we monitor with GPS and VHF collars, have been in the area for ten days or so now. However until yesterday, daily tracking had only yielded a very patchy sighting a week ago now. Not easily disheartened we persevered, and each day the tracking box was […]

Sparring bulls

Winter is arriving in earnest here in the Delta and already the mornings are noticeably more cold and dark. We are out before sunrise most days and it gives you a real rhythm to your day when you witness both sunrise and sunset, and of course it is quite a bonus when both are set […]

The dung drought is over

We had a disappointing week in terms of elephant dung last week- we only managed to gather one sample from a wild male. That, thankfully, is now a thing of the past as we have collected a number of samples in the last few days. However, that is not the big news on the dung […]