Monthly Archives: May 2010

Close encounters

The day before last was most definitely a day of close encounters- not in a threatening way, but in a truly spectacular way. Kate, Mphoeng and myself headed out towards Old Hunting Camp early in the morning. We had come across a herd not far from camp, but unfortunately they were far into thick bush. […]

Clashes and cars

Another eventful day began yesterday morning when Mphoeng and I headed out to do a route up to the Picnic Site. The first elephant we came across was B571, who Mphoeng knows incredibly well and identified straight away. We got a half hour focal on him and headed onwards. The rest of the morning we […]

Musth is in the air

We have certainly had no trouble finding elephants recently, with an abundance of breeding herds around, and a good number of musth bulls in their wake. When Kate began the research here eight years ago she classified it a bull area at the time, and very rarely saw breeding herds. This has slowly been changing, […]

Hyaena eat our clothes

We are very lucky in camp as we have some great ladies that look after us. All we have to do is take our washing up to the laundry and when they get the chance they wash it for us. I dropped our bag off on Sunday and on Tuesday morning was suprised to find […]

Identifying elephants from their footprints

Mphoeng and I headed out this morning at first light, and after a few days of being camp-bound it was great to get out again. We decided to have a couple of days of catching up on elephant identifying this week, which ended up being very productive. We totalled about thirty elephants in all, however […]

Video of driving through the floods in the Okavango Delta

Fun on the monthly road survey

Every month the research team do a mammal road survey. The route is about 44km long and along it we count all mammals we see- numbers, sex, location and habitat- and of course record all elephant data. We knew that it could be an interesting endeavour, what with the amount of water on the ground […]

Elephants, elephants everywhere!

Yesterday was a great day, both for me and the research as a whole- in all it yielded six full thirty minute focals, four dung samples, an incredibly relaxed bull wandering meters from the vehicle, some great birds and a growl so close it left us debating whether it was a lion or a leopard??! […]