Monthly Archives: April 2010

First Stuckage of the Flood Season

I have been away for a week at a Hormone Workshop run by Dr Andre Ganswindt of the University of Pretoria. It was fascinating stuff, and now I totally understand the whole process which our samples will go through from the day we collect the sample to when we get are much valued results, and […]

Wake-up call

Ordinarily being woken up at 4am on a Sunday morning may be a little irritating, that is when it’s not by an elephant feeding next to your tent! It didn’t take me long to realise what that loud crunching noise was, as I turned in my bed and could see an elephant standing only a […]

First days in the Delta

I am a new volunteer here at the Elephants For Africa camp in the Okavango Delta. My name is Charlie Ellis and last Friday I flew into the Delta, to be greeted at the airstrip by Kate and Sim. After a couple of days running around Maun sorting out my permits, it felt great to […]


Thando is back in the area and so we headed  out towards the picnic site as he was near there from his satellite downloads. I tracked all the way and was not picking up anything. Near the picnic site, where a baobab tree has fallen over, we came across a male in musth, I recognised […]

Marula season in the Delta

Elephants LOVE marula fruit. We have a marula tree outside out our tent and it is in fruit and so we are having lots of visits from our pachyderm friends, to come and Hoover the fruit up and they are certainly enjoying them. They come at any time of day, the other night it was […]

Morning in the delta

We are having some very unusal weather for the time of year and for the past few days we have been greeted with clouds and coolness. The coolness usually changes to humidity as we await the rains that threaten. Even the animals seem a little confused and are having bad hair days – the impala […]