Monthly Archives: March 2010

Naya is 7 today

Seven years ago the bush with full of excitement dust and trumpeting when the Abu herd welcomed a new baby. A female we called Naya (which means Gift). It was a rather unexpected arrival and the first I heard of it was when Big Joe got on the radio to announce that Geeka had had […]

Napoleon is in Musth

What a morning we have had. As dawn broke we heard elephants outside our tent so went out to try and see them and we came across a small herd, led by the female F121, getting an early morning snack. The light was still dim and so it was hard to see but a couple […]

Sherini is mated

We have friends from the UK visiting at the moment and so they joined us on our early morning drive to find elephants. I have been out of camp for a month, busy down in Gaborone and they area has changed dramatically as the annual floods have arrived. I am always very nervous when the […]

Dr Kate Evans wins award

Dr Kate Evans was awarded the Best Research Project award at the recent Wetnose Award Ceremony held in the Cholmondeley Room in the House of Lords ( Unfortunatley she was unable to attend the awards in person, but the chairties Patron, Nick Knowles,  stepped in and accepted the award on her behalf. Kate is excremely […]

Save The Elephants Camp in Samburu Devastated by Floods

We have just received the devastating news that early this morning the Save The Elephants camp was devastated by flood. All here at Elephants For Africa are thinking of our colleagues and friends at this time and hope that they are OK.

IEF Photographs

IEF continued

We had a lovely evening at Kwalata lodge and then Graham and Stacy dropped us off at our campsite, just down the road. We had mentioned where we were going to Gary at LA Sport when we dropped off our car and he said that he had a farm out there and we could camp […]