Monthly Archives: January 2010

Giraffe poaching incident – images may be distressing

  Yesterday afternoon Sim and I headed up to Tubu Lodge (our neighbours) to help advise on an elephant that keeps digging up the water pipes. They are only 16km away as the crow flies but it takes a good 90 minutes to drive there and more when you have issues to deal with on […]

Mthondo is released

Today we leased a 34 year old male elephant – it is a long story – so I will do it tomorrow as it is late and I am tierd.

The promised rain finally arrives

We went out last night to celebrate the camp managers at Seba’s birthday and so we headed for the bridge and had a lovely bush dinner. As we sat around watching the hippo prepare for their nightly feeds and the birds flying to roost across the water we were also treated to lightning and thunder […]

Storm a brewing

Woke up at 0530 to a very dark sky.  Our plans of going out and doing some routes were delayed, and jolly glad we decided that now the heavens have opened. We are currently borrowing a safari vehicle from Seba Camp which is open topped and so we would be soaked at the moment. Our […]