Monthly Archives: November 2009

B131 coming out of musth

Yesterday, I was in camp trying to ID the elephants I have seen this month when Joseph, the guide in camp and a volunteer researcher, came back to announce that there was a herd of elephants at the Bridge. I abandoned the ID work and went off to see who were there. Unfortunately most of […]

Chungwe in Musth – 25th November 2009

0530 and the alarm ring joined the sounds of the dawn chorus and roused me out of deep sleep. My motivation to get up and go out was at a bit of a low as for the past 3 days I had not seen any elephants, but I managed to get out of bed, load […]

Time for a photo…

This is the bush snake that interupted our meeting.

Close Encounters by Sim

Even though I’ve now been living in the bush for a few months, I never fail to be impressed by the ingenuity and intelligence of the animals that we’re fortunate enough to share the Okavango Delta with… Last night we had just sat down to eat dinner when the two of our friends arrived. We […]

Aerial surveys…Kate Evans October 2009

A little late, but here is a short account of the aerial survey work I arrived in Tubu Tree Lodge on the next door concession on Sunday, just in time for lunch, having been picked up by the rest of the team from our airstrip. The team is led by Petri Viljoen, Graeme is the […]

Rain rain rain

As I write this a rain thunders down onto the tin roof of our office and takes away the oppressive heat of the day. The storm has been building for a few days now and the humidity has been bearing down on us, it is wonderful to welcome the rain. This morning we struggled out […]

Back in camp at last

Wednesday 12th November. After a very successful fundraising trip to the states, Sim and I drove our personal vehicle back to camp, an 8 hour journey from Maun, through the endless Mopane forest which inhabits the sand tongue that leads us to our camp at the end of the delta waters. I had not driven […]


We did it……… we RAN the marathon….. and we actually enjoyed it!!! Which was not what I was expecting at all. The day started early with the alarm going off at 0430 as we had to get a bus at 0530. So we ate our porridge and then headed for the Metro station, where we […]