Monthly Archives: October 2009

One day to go until the NYC Marathon

Sim and I have been taking it easy today, staying at a friends in NYC. Yesterday we went to the Expo to register and collect our numbers. We walked along 34th street and as we got closer there were more and more fit people carrying bags.  It was about then that I got my first […]

Marathon Nerves

Hello all, Sim and I have had a rather hectic schedule on our fund-raising tour of America. First stop was the Elephant Managers Association conference in Houston, then we visited and spoke to the Chicago Zoological Society, next was the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, who have supported our work for the last 2 years and […]

Mafunyane has a new collar by Mphoeng

Mafunyane was last sighted in May 2009. There after he disappeared until he emerged again at end of September. Mafunyane’s collar had not been functioning so we had been relying on visual sightings to gather data. We heard first of his presence by guides at Horseback (a nearby camp), it was a relief. Surprisingly the […]


This week has been terribly busy, soooo busy in fact that we have not had time to blog about it, but we will get there. We have had aerial surveys, two collarings and we started the soft release process on an adult male elephants……. so come back soon to find out what happened. Kate