Monthly Archives: March 2009

How much is Okavango Delta worth? By Mphoeng

The arrival of floods in our camp and seeing how much distance the water covers of the dry desert has left me wondering how much the Delta is worth. It has brought life to a desert, some would say a miracle in itself and can we put a price on that?. The arrival of so […]

Our Quest to see elephants lead us into a muddy channel

On the 5th of March we headed out to the Northern side up on the quest to sight some elephants. We were wondering where the elephants were at so we decided to look for them out in the bush where there are no roads. Guess what we got stuck right in the middle of the […]

The floods have arrived at camp and the sky is grey – By Mphoeng

The annual floods have reached our camp a little earlier than last year. This year it is feasible that they will be more flood water, making it even harder for us to get around. It has been raining since the beginning of March and we had grey sky since then. In Botswana water is an […]

Where are the elephants in March? By Mphoeng

I am perplexed as to how a big animal as an elephant cannot be seen for days. I have called on Joseph, an experienced guide, to help me with looking for elephants. However they have been no sightings, we keep on driving long distances with hope of seeing elephants; visiting their favourite areas with hope […]

Sometimes we see elephant…..sometimes we don’t….. By Mphoeng

On the 22nd February I headed to Seba West.  Seba West is an area that is not drivable during the flood season as it is mainly composed of flood plains and so in some areas the substrate is clay soils which make the terrain very difficult to get around.  With floods not having arrived yet, […]