Monthly Archives: February 2009

A clever way to donate……

One mans rubbish is another’s treasure, this is certainly the case for elephants. By recycling your used printer cartridges and old mobile phones, it helps us to raise money for the elephants. It is simple and easy to do: All you have to do is collect these items and post them. Cartridges can be sent […]

Our Research is centered on male elephants, but that does not mean we ignore the females, far from it and it is always a joy to spend time with the females and their young.   We try and sex and identify all the elephants that we see – which is fairly challenging when you have 30 […]

Research Saves The Day……

Well it might be an over statement on the title front, but  we did manage to pull a ranger out of a ditch. This morning we decided to head out West, which is an area we are unable to access during the flood and so we make the most of going out there whilst we […]

Monthly Road Survey

Every month we do a mammal survey of the study area. It used to be just elephants, but we are hoping to look at the changes in mammal densities along side those of elephants to see if there are similarities. This entails an early start – so as soon as the sun is up we […]

The green delta

I flew back into camp on Sunday, my first trip back since leaving in November, and it is incredible how it has changed. We have had nearly 300mm of rain and so it is very green and lush. With all the rain about that has filled lots of watering holes the animals have dispersed and […]