Monthly Archives: November 2008

Thando is on the move…..

The released elephant Thando has been hanging out north of camp near Tubu camp, then a week ago he packed his trunk and headed South East – he is now only 30km away from Seba, who he was released with in 2003. Seba has been near the buffalo fence north of Maun, which is 100km […]

Babies, Babies everywhere…..

WE have a troop of banded mongoose that live in camp and have recently taken to denning under a pier to the lagoon in front of the office. There are holes everywhere where they have been digging up grubs and I am often treated to watching them from the office as they go busily about […]

Injured elephant

We headed out west today. We cannot go out west during the flood season as the water cuts it off and so we make the most of it when the floods have gone. New water from the rains we are having at the moment made certain areas difficult but we managed not to get stuck. […]

The rains…….

We were promised rain for days, heavy clouds pregnant with the promise of water hung over camp for days on end. The thunder rumbled, the wind blew, we saw the lightening in the distance and rain falling over other days, but nothing came of it here. Today there are a few clouds but the temperatures […]

Moonlight elephant

Last night I went over to Abu Camp, the neighbouring camp, for supper and on my way back I had the most amazing sighting of a male elephant feeding in the water by the bridge. It was a moonlit light so I had a great view of him (although I could not see him well […]

Back in the Bush

I got back to camp yesterday afternoon and I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be back. I went over to Abu Camp in the evening to see the mahouts and and to catch up with the PhD student Graham as he was busy putting his recording collars on the elephants. It was […]

Back To Camp

I am currently in the hussle and bussle which is Johannesbug International Airport awaiting my flight up to Maun . I am not sure if I have a flight up to camp on the same day – it will depend on whether Cally (the star of the EBS office) has managed to find a cheap […]

Recollaring Seba

Well its been an exciting few days as we headed out on a recollaring expedition last week.  Seba, a young bull who was released back into the wild in 2003 had gone AWOL.  The last GPS reading for him was on 18th May and given the floods we were unable to get out to look […]