Monthly Archives: May 2008

Its all happening here…

Morning folks, Well, winter is certainly on its way, the mornings are getting chilly and sunrise is getting lazy but that certainly hasn’t curtailed events!  I happy to report that Pula is doing well, under the watchful eyes of a tea-fueled Peter and Mphoeng, he has been tracked onto the Abu Island where he has […]

South Africa

As I flew over Johannesburg as we circled to land at Oliver Tambo Airport – I marveled at the size of it, a city that has more people than the whole of Botswana. I was also deeply saddened, as I heard on the news that morning that racist attacks were occurring against asylum seekers, refugees […]

Maun Village


My time up for this field trip is up. I have to put my other hat on as director of the Charity Elephants For Africa and work hard to get the money in to fund the work. I am filled with a heavy heart that tomorrow I will not be walking up in the beauty […]

An unhappy male elephant displays to us

Excitement in the Delta

After a quiet day of watching Pula, Ntongeni and Nandipa munch their way through the Terminalia forest behind the research tent, everything kicked off in the afternoon and we did not where to look or what to do; take photos, write notes, draw elephant ID’s!!!! Early afternoon, the bulls Spartacus, Lysander and three others pitched […]

Update on Pula

News on Pula, is that he seems very settled with Nandipa and her calf, Ntongeni. They have all been hanging out with a couple of males, yesterday it was Lysander and today it was Spartacus. Since joining up with them he has not returned to the Boma, where his herd is kept at night. So […]

Pula in the big wide world

I could not get on line yesterday to share with you the great news that Pula met his first wild herd yesterday and spent a couple of hours with them. He made friends with B528, and they sparred for ages. It was lovely to see him with them, greeting and sparring. Magic

Early morning musing

It is 0545 here in camp, and the camp is waking up. The generator has been switched on, breaking the beautiful night time sounds and I can hear the greetings of the staff of Seba Camp as they start their busy days. I have been awake since 0400 and at 0500 decided that sleep had […]

Pula update

Pula is doing well – through it would be better said in photos rather than words.